Urban Sustainable Mobility

10 junio, 2009

Have you ever been in Milan ? It is a industrial and alive italian city. It is the economic engine of the country, nowadays it is an international design reference and the streets arround Duomo seem a nonstop catwalk, but Milan is also Italy.

If you visit Milan you´d better don´t drive to move yourself, unlees you like extreme experiences. Traffic in this city is a chaos: cars parked on the pavement, traffic jams, unintelligent rude gestures…

How can city council work this up? They contacted with FIAT Auto and Proietto Zero Uno was born.

Different teams of designers worked on it developing sharing car systems, designing a special vehicle to do that and thinking on how to stock cars in the city… but Milan, and Italy, needs something else, the have to change their view of urban mobility.

Proietto Zero Uno needs another leg to stand firmly: education. If giovani milanesi still dream about owning a car, car-sharing will never work.


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